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Imagine a space where academic insight meets public curiosity — a conduit that serves to bridge the gap between scholarly research and everyday conversations in innovative and creative ways.

Welcome to Anthroprospective — a dynamic journal based in Naarm (Melbourne) that creates translation spaces for sensemaking. Through meticulously crafted articles, thought-provoking interviews with leading social scientists, and interactive in-person salon events, Anthroprospective fosters a community of curious minds eager to explore diverse perspectives on current social issues through an anthropological lens.

Our mission is to inform and inspire, facilitating deeper dialogue on the systemic issues shaping our world today. Join us in redefining the boundaries of knowledge and fostering civic dialogue as an antidote to polarisation. Let's make sense of our complex yet rich human experience together.


Founder and Editor-in-Chief

As a social anthropologist with a decade of experience working with culturally diverse communities in Australia, particularly within her role as a native title anthropologist, Courtney brings a deep understanding of Indigenous cultures and their unique perspectives. Complementing this is over five years of international development experience in the non-profit sector. Courtney is skilled in qualitative research, project management, stakeholder management, and team leadership, enabling her to effectively navigate and manage complex projects and diverse teams to achieve impactful results.

Courtney has published for The Australian Journal of Anthropology, Anthropological Forum and for the Centre for Native Title Anthropology. She loves to bring her background experience in social anthropology, community development and journalism to her writing style. Her work is largely informed by the social peculiarities of modern thought, current trends in the humanities and arts, and through the lived experiences of human beings.


Anthrōprospective is Australia’s first independent anthropology journal of it’s kind. Based in Naarm (Melbourne).

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which we work, the unceded lands of the Wurundjeri and Bunurong people.